BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

Unfinished Acceptance

Once I wandered the shores of Fall,
Whose vericose leaves danced and shadowed;
A gingerbread crunch in grades of orange,
Symphonic as I stepped.
I laid to rest in that dying flora,
In the stale cool sick of that twilight world.
My body curled and broke between the pumpkins
And mushed and slumped like sand or falling snow.
October night - that vast black sea,
Whose sweeping tides the starlight swims -
Cast me on her grains and crept away,
Like blades of browning grass against the gray.
I cried, disdained the pale square sun,
Greeting me like a stranger in heatless day;
That autumn box of following white
That never falters, never sleeps,
And mocks me as I come-

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