AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Unfinished Business

Hey babe, you can’t leave me this mess
I don’t want to be the prince of loneliness
We got ourselves some unfinished business
It all started when you walked away
When deep inside I wanted you to stay
I really thought you were the one
But already you’re on the run
And I don’t want any part
Of picking up the pieces of a broken heart
Hey babe, I thought we had the key to success
You know me I won’t settle for less
Come back and take care of this unfinished business
Don’t leave me in a foggy haze
Thought you were the road to better days
I was ready to take you anywhere
Had no dreams to follow, I was already there
Who could tell how this would end
I don’t want to break but I’m about to bend
Yes babe, you used to leave me breathless
Our world was surrounded with happiness
Now all we got is this unfinished business

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a good poem talking frank and loud... 'Had no dreams to follow, I was already there' - these are a very good lines...good rhyming through out in the write...10