(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unfinished Is The Business

Unfinished is the business,
Of one distracted enough to sidetrack.
And unfinished becomes endeavors attempted,
When one listens to hear...
Discouraging words heard that are near.

Unfinished are wishes one has kept for years.
But within seconds those wishes disappear.
As those come selling doubts and disbelief,
Do it to whisper defeat in one's ear.

And then it happens as if to do overnight,
One awakens eventually to see...
Naysayers plotting to test with wicked deeds,
To make it clear it has been the unfinished business...
They were determined not to have completed,

Unfinished is the business once 'was' but now 'is'.
To have what was not finished,
Given more priority...
Than criticisms mentioned,
By naysayers hoping their negativity caused tears.

'Your eyes...
They appear as if you had been crying.'

~I was.~

'I'm sorry to hear you admit that.
Oh well,
You know there is always tomorrow.
Never give up on your dreams.
Although it may seem they will never come.'

~I finally completed my unfinished business.
So happy I am I cried for days.~

Did what? '

Like a baby.
That tissue...
The tissue you are using,
Did you intend it meant for me? ~

I don't know what to say.
So overwhelmed with joy I am for you.'

Come on in.
Why don't you sit.
You look a little faint.
I'll be fine.
I didn't realize,
You would be 'this' thrilled for me.~

I just didn't expect,
'Your' good news to affect 'me' like this.'

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The unfinished business; because, there is always tomorrow! Nice work.