Unfinished Poem

A pain, deep inside my chest, thats tugging on the raw edges of the wound you've created.
even though you and the burning effection i felt for you is gone, i still feel a very close bond to you, you are my best friend.
When ever i hear your name, Mitchell, my whole body tenses up and the pain aches throughout my body.
I see your face every night in my dreams.
I know that your biggest dream in life was to become a pilot in the military but i dont want it to be, because you could, i could lose you, forever.
when i think of this the pain comes back.
There is no hiding this, I've been trying for 3 months, but it caught up with me.
You used to be the only one i ever truly loved and now i think your the only one i could love
Whenever i think of you i feel like crying, screaming and smiling all at the same time.
Its not easy letting go of someone you love, and i can't hide the pain and suffering anymore.
Writing this makes my heart hurt and i dig my fingernails into my palms from the pain, wincing ever so often.
I don't even think i have the will to finish this.
So i wont, i promise it will be an unfinshed poem forever.
So i will never have to feel this pain again.

by Kailey Marie Abbott

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