Unfinished True Love

When I saw your face today my day was made
When you touched my hand my heart was slayed.
You mean so much to me each day - each moment
You make my life worth living you take my breath away.

Don't ever leave me don't ever forget me don't leave me behind nor forsake me.
Yet still I fear that this bliss shall end that I will wake to a nightmare that will drive me round the bend.
I don't ever want to leave you I need you now
I'll love you always so please don't frown,
Don't let this feeling stop that I have for you
I need your touch your gentle kiss to help me through the day.
Blessings abound when you are near your smile makes me happy
makes me laugh
I love to see you smile and feel your body next to mine
To be with you is like a dream come true the reason for living
When you're happy I'm just fine but when you're sad I'm blue.

by Eva Patterson

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