Unfocused Direction

Blinded by his misery
The path becomes over grown
Where beauty was once seen
Is clouded by the unknown
Worries and thoughts possess him
That are not his own

These doubts are planted
And now the roots grow deep
His dreams seem hopeless
And everything ends in defeat

Inspiration is scarce
And fulfillment unseen
He cluthes to his faith
And to where he has been

His centre becomes hollow
Where he questions his choice
His mind becomes polluted with insanity
And he can't hear the voice.

by Lisa Teres Fraser

Comments (1)

Oh Lisa, what a wonderful write you have composed here as this message pertains to so many within our society and You have composed a very meaningful message in poetic form. I like both the style and message you have given us all to read and reflect upon but more importantly you have given us a little of you. Wonderful Poem. As I now close this comment I would ask that you please keep your poetic pens ink flowing across sheets of paper as we your readers eagerly await your next poetic caper. Your Friend, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)