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Unfolding Process
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unfolding Process

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Those actions will leave our lives better off?
Those actions...
Will leave,
Our lives...
Better off?
And you are serious when you believe that?
Do you hear the echo of that cough?
How about the thunderous winds,
That bring destruction with them?
Does anything about global warming make sense?
Has your awareness been completely absent?
Do you know there are more than two million inmates,
In prison cells?
Do you realize detention camps are being built
For hundreds of thousands...
Perhaps millions of humans to dwell?
And you believe warring factions overseas...
Will leave our lives better off?

Perhaps you are right!
Because you have proven your mind has not been 'on'!
And living lives better 'off'
Did not have to take conflicts to do it!
So many have been living lives better 'off' for decades.
They are not going to be the problem!
It will be those turning 'on' to what is happening,
That will create the greatest civil disturbance...
And that seems to be planned,
As a slow unfolding process!

'Where are you getting this from? '

I am My Father's son!
Whenever My Father's gaze is fixed upon something,
You know I'm going to look in that direction?

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