A poem, I believe, should always be
so unforgettable that, read just once,
it does not make the reader feel that he,
because he cannot understand it, is a dunce.
A poet’s words should always be transparent,
with language as translucent as cubed ice
that melts in readers’ mouths in an apparent
attempt to roll new words as God rolls dice.


by gershon hepner

Comments (2)

Sir, I 'smell' that this poem is in praise of transparent, easy-to-understand poetry, such as in the example of Mr Kunitz (according to the endnote) . I also 'smell' that both you and the Mr Beck of your endnote are suggesting that such transparent poetry as of Kunitz is as high-impact and skilled as poetry can get. For your part, sir, do you not 'smell' that in my comment below I am saying that while I prefer transparent writing, I sometimes meet a work that I do not understand but still manage to enjoy thanks to its beautiful wording? Sir, please do not think me a 'dunce'!
But sometimes, Gersh, I am able to enjoy a poem even without (fully) understanding it. For this to happen though, the language has to be seriously classy. I like your poem here, Gershy, but I don't really get it...: -) Winking at you, Gina.