Straw, Raw, Saw!

Uptown and Downtown!
Straw, raw, saw!
With the muse of life.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (2)

Sir, I 'smell' that this poem is in praise of transparent, easy-to-understand poetry, such as in the example of Mr Kunitz (according to the endnote) . I also 'smell' that both you and the Mr Beck of your endnote are suggesting that such transparent poetry as of Kunitz is as high-impact and skilled as poetry can get. For your part, sir, do you not 'smell' that in my comment below I am saying that while I prefer transparent writing, I sometimes meet a work that I do not understand but still manage to enjoy thanks to its beautiful wording? Sir, please do not think me a 'dunce'!
But sometimes, Gersh, I am able to enjoy a poem even without (fully) understanding it. For this to happen though, the language has to be seriously classy. I like your poem here, Gershy, but I don't really get it...: -) Winking at you, Gina.