It's hard to be around you,
And Keep my heart from yearning,
We have our differences,
We have our similarities,
But you are so serious,
While I can be hilarious,
It stunned me knowing this,
But I stuck through with you,
But the monstrosity has to end,
This seriousness has you by your throat,
And it makes me wonder,
Are you always going to be like this?
I love you but at the same time hate you.
We were playing a game and I made a joke,
You took it seriously and acted bitter,
And that is when it struck me,
This is you this is the real you,
I got scared because the feelings I have for you,
And I swallowed down hard knowing,
Do I want a lover that is like this?
Do I want a friend that is like this?
Do I want a person that is everywhere around me that is like this?
And even this question came to mind,
Would I want this person to be the father of my children one day?
I got scared and said some hurtful words,
But they were all true.
The questions I had, and the answers I received,
Now when we see each other we hold our tongues,
And when we think eachother isn't looking we cry,
I never ever wanted you to feel this way,
But you need to know that,
Change needs to be made,
For the sake of us both,
I know i have my wrongs,
And I know I am willing to work them through with you,
And so now I have a question for you,
Can you change?
Can we work this empty void together that used to be friendship?
But most of all can we ever truly love each other?
So I now sit here alone in the dark,
Waiting for and answer,
An answer from the one I love more than myself, and more than anything in the world,
I hope that you can see the sides I see and reach out,
Like I am doing right now,
Being near you,
Being with you,
Is where I belong.

by Gabriell Albert

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