PA (Marshall.K / Jamaica)

Unforgiving Heart

My mind is blank as my heart is hallow
She has gone and left me with but a friend,

Now this person hinders my wishes,
Let me cancel my existence ….
and let this be the end

She stares into my eyes as I take the knife,
I look back, tears roll down her cheeks as
I grip the blade, she grabs my arm

As I clutch her throat, she cloches mine,
We are interlocked,

I pry my arm free and lunge for the knife to my chest
As she jumps on top of me,
I tumble to the ground, as the weapon falls out of reach,

She hugs me with such passion, as hopeless tears drip from my heart,
She smiles, at the thought of foiling my attempt, but its futile…….as I know I’ll try


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Quite a regretful occurance. In my mind suicide is not the answer. Tenderness and love are. Thanks