Unforgiving Nights

The one thing I long for most is
the peaceful dreamless sleep
like the sleep of the dead.

My painful hope-filled eyes
that have seen many quiet nights
and without respite
scan the dark sky
studded with stars unable to sleep
because of their endless dreams,
their mind as unsteady and restless
as is mine.

I do not seek their pithiness
that will make me brood more
and never let me sleep.
I do not need these twinkling stars
but I cannot wish them away either.
Can I?

Can I ever lose sight of my heart?

by Ravinder Kumar Soni

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Sound sleep is the best medicine for ensuring good health! Your first stanza laudably articulates the pragmatic aspect of life! A beautiful poem so nicely drafted! Loved reading it.....10
A brilliant poem on sleep has been incisively delineated and amazingly shared. Thanks for sharing. Full vote.
A very well written poem Ravinder, thank you
Fantastic poem. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem.10