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Unforgotable Moments! ! !
SB (02 05 1986 / soro)

Unforgotable Moments! ! !


As the Sun goes up high
slowly the wind blows
sweating becomes more & more sticky
A whisper sound came near my ear
suddenly I turned back
and, I saw
You glitters like a diamond
which spreads only beauties of appealingness moments! ! !


Suddenly the peacock dances
everything came like black
In the darkness I saw
the white dress and dancing figure
It might be you
I was wrong, yes, wrong
Rainbow appears on the eastern sky
which enhances your beauty
and spreads only glamors of cheerful moments! ! !


like princes of an unknown kingdom
you came at the end of gloomy moment
everyone waits with a hope
the dried wood feels of a new life
outside looks green and colorful
plants are singing, birds are grumbling
the streaming movement of water on river
spreads the beauties on on you! ! !

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