(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


The reality seen.
Yet it's presence continues,
To be discredited and denied.
And unpleasant,
Are the feelings felt...
By those defending,
A fading way of life.
Once qualified to have unique,
And unquestioned substance.
Drifting quickly away from it.
Speeding to leave behind purpose.
Now serving an undeserved downslide.

Is the nauseousness...
Sickening those with consciousness,
Experienced to see...
What selfishness, greed kept to keep,
In minds 'exclusively'isolated...
With misdeeds that can completely,
All of humanity.

Money, prestige and notoriety,
To obtain...
Does not validate to certify,
People like this...
Are qualified to lead.
Or are equipped mentally,
To be perceived as competent.
But unfortunately,
Many today deluded...
Care less what the difference is,
Others awakened...
Have attempted to make.

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