Know Thyself!

Ah! The speck of a star dust,
Filling a ray of light,
Get Exited to roam here and
there! The one who has neither born,
nor die,
The eternal infinite singing its
eternal song AUM,
Going round and round the Sun,
Along the revolving Earth, Rotating about own axis along
with rotating Planet! I and you are same here,
Counting the time, counting the
Everything is natural,
Why can't I be more natural
Why can't I be neutral, All here are busy,
The Sun, the Moon,
The Earth,
The ocean and breeze,
Every cells of plants and animals
busy, Look at your cells,
That too are soundlessly busy,
Why can't I and you,
Say 'I am you' to the creator,
Because you too conferred same
capacity, capable to create your own
Your own happiness and sorrow,
Your own world of life, wisdom
and knowledge,
Its show of shadow play is this world!

If everything came from nothing,
And everything goes into
Nothing is smiling behind
And everything showup on nothing,
is it true that universe is nothing,
Or one in this universe is
nothing? Or is it true that the sense
developed by nothing can feel
everything? Creation is the result of creativity
of that nothing,
For which everything is possible,
Nothing is impossible to that
Which can play with everything! Remain here as nothing,
Behave yourself nothing,
Someday that will be the truth,
Nothing can save you from
leaving everything!
Love everyone seeing this nothing which is behind

More or less, my mind,
dipping itself in divinity within,
several times a day, Losing weight,
its dirt,
dissolving its narrowness,
In the infinite vastness of Self!

More or less it is learning that knowledge and wisdom,
Thirst for more and more,
Power and popularity,
All are equally dragging back to hell!

Hell is where I feel Myself finite,
Yet feeling pain infinite,
Heaven is that where I feel myself light and painless,
Neither senseless nor insane!

It is here itself both hell or heaven felt,
Beyond which there is reality and truth,
It is not a matter of places,
Hell or heaven are,
Only a matter of planes,
Planes at with mind take me,
And beyond the plane where mind can never go,
I find the Self shining in its glory,
and that plane,
No duality or trinity exist,
Only one who ever exit is not felt,
The life of an atom or life of a star begins!

Yet no star can shine,
Only that mysterious that shines which remains mysterious,
With that light which absorbs all!

Know for sure, you are that,
That truth, beyond all truth that
your tongue can talk,
Mind can imagine and
intelligence and reasoning can
go, Mystery is beyond perception,
No one can penetrate this mystery as
he himself is that!

God is not nothing,
But isn't it sure God is not a thing
Of perception,
How can one percept the
perceptor? God is the whole being, absolute
No one to see exist other than
Not even mirror in which he can
see himself, He himself became universe, the
In which he can see himself!
When someone come out of the
absolute infinite to look back,
Can only find both are relative infinite,
Relative to one another,
Related to one another eternally
God and nature are these eternal

by Ramdas Bhandarkar

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