(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unfortunately To The Credit Of Their Misfortune

You were led wilfully to the gutter.
Now you complain there's no spring water,
To drink?
And your utilities aren't affordable?
And you admit your self worth,
AND the economy stinks?
As it's sinking?

Hey! ?
Don't stare at me!
I thought it was going to be as easy
As watching a Hollywood movie too!
One of those low budget 'shock and awe'
But no...
The 'director' wanted to impress with this one!
This time it was decided to film this conflict,
On location with flair and pizzazz!
And it has been 'thee' most costliest productions EVER!
Unfortunately to the credit of their misfortune...
They can not blame this one on anyone of color!
You know how conveniently that has worked in the past?

Are you serious?
The folks behind this massive misguidance,
Should all be preparing to see a skilled plastic surgeon!
And an acceptable plan to introduce a new way of life,
That is sugar free and void of deceptions!
You talk about monumental?
Stay tuned for this rendition,
Of 'We Shall Overcome'.
Some folks are not going to adjust,
To the way the hors d'oeuvres will be served...
From now on!

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