Unfostered Rituals

Living an emotional hell, never knowing whether the present
is real or not through feelings of hopelessness.

Saturated with beliefs of old, scarred inside by unfostered
rituals, taking away a voice young and sweet.

Meeting no resistance from innocent eyes, heart pleading to
be let go, violent abuse staking it's claim against a moral

Deepest tunnels, hideous leers, wanton desires, falling
harshly on tiny ears, a mind not fully developed, standing
on the edge of careless selfishness.

Taking the child away in arms of licentious desire, holding
down the vehement replies, afraid of being put in the crypt.

Mistakenly pulled into the world of grown up passion, brought
there by her father.

Never caring what happens or how much it hurts, penetrating
mind and body with the piercing of sexual abuse.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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