(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unhappy People

Unhappy people.
Unhappy living lives,
They have been blessed to live.
Although everyday complain,
Without a thought to think...
To feel that way.
And emotionally attached to observations.
Done daily to observe,
Others appearing happy and unconcerned.
Or found sitting down or walking around.
Criticizing to despise,
Others and their 'things'.
Things that bling to bring attention,
To themselves.
And this and nothing else,
Means more to many unhappy people.
Than living their own lives,
Focusing on ways to make impressions.
And less to focus,
On feeling to be blessed.
With a way to address,
What it is they already have.
And true happiness to know it had,
Is a possession impossible to compare this...
To things that can be purchased.
That temporarily fulfills,
A fading joy to have to go quicker.
Than a happiness to keep it.
When those things eventually...
Become wishes to want them.
To forget them to be had.

"I remember wanting,
A car my neighbor had.
It was a 1968 Chevrolet Corvair."

-That was...
51 years ago? -

"I know."

-What happened to the car?
Your neighbor?
What kind of car do you have now? -

Who knows.
These days,
I'm happy to have just a bus pass.
To then decide,
Walking is a peaceful way to exercise."

-And this makes you happy? -

Impressions to make,
Can be a costly expense.
Attempting to keep up,
With appearances.
Especially the ones,
That don't stay and fade away."

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