PDC (June 7th / Toronto)

Unheard Protestors/Activists

What can I say?
Do the words I speak matter?
Can I do what I wish?
Every word I speak seems to fall on deaf ears
Every action I do never seems to be noticed
Am I that different from all the rest?
No I do not shout
I do not force my opinion
Yet my opinions seem to be nothing
Nothing but words lost in the wind
You choose to follow or disregard the obnoxious ones
But those who do things quietly never matter
You glance over us
Though we feel the same way
We believe in the same things
As the loud mouths
Yet you ignore us
Do we need to get in your face?
Do we really need to bother you?
Twenty-four hours a day
Seven days a week
Is that what it will take for us to be heard
For us not to be forgotten
You complain about those who do this
Yet never pay attention to those who don’t

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