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Unicorn 14
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Unicorn 14

When you catch a glimpse of it,
in the sunlit glade,
among the high hills,
among the white-crested waves,
does it move?
or is it unmoving,
this graceful vision of it?

it seems unmoving, yet
faster than the mind moves;
ahead of all your senses;
even roaming wild and joyful
among the high hills,
its white mane flying free,
somehow it's still
within its movement,
within your stillness;

can you see the tracks of fish,
or the airy passage of the birds?
it's beyond movement, even beyond stillness;
and yet, you love it,
yearn for it, although it - because it
runs faster than the mind of man.
Is that its love?

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Comments (3)

I'm intrigued by the relationship of movement to stillness - remember Michael Johnson sprinting with that unique upright posture as if parts of him were quite still? And then, the concept of Providence always just 'ahead' of us in danger?
This has a really lovely paced feel to it Michael. There seems to be something experimental in it, perhaps it is the theme; it's not a theme in which you take up much. There is a strong emotive feel to it and the manner in which you have laid it out is great. It reminds me, a bit, of some of your sonnets. I am not sure about the final line, it seems to be a give-away and instead of remaining lost in the piece the reader has an escape. Perhaps that's just me.
This poem is as graceful and flowing as the steps of a unicorn would probably be. Love, Gina.