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Unicorn 9
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Unicorn 9

For most of those who are graced to see it, the vision’s enough –
they bring humility, are still, drink in
this creature, which for a space of time
is in this world, and yet not of this world,
who shows them who they are, and always were –
so what is known, is known; they leave its presence
as themselves.

but some find it’s quite natural to speak,
as one might bear a sacrifice in outstretched arms
of all that is and is not of themselves.
That glorious creature does not speak; but listens:
listens with, as if, the one point of its horn which brings
its ears to its eyes; gazes as it listens; a gentle, mild, sweet gaze;
listens, gazes, with its whole wise, understanding presence;

and having spoken, or not spoken, all leave
as themselves; knowing themselves to have
the whole universe as their measure.

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Comments (2)

'knowing themselves to have the whole universe as their measure.' is a thought provoking line. Perhaps more is known throughout the rest of the series.
The wording is okay, yet your poem is somewhat of a bore.