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Unicorn And Fairie

There was a Unicorn
living in mountain high
alone, wondering around
longing to find valley sweet and flowry
so proud, handsome and strong
He was talented with many skills
he could paint, draw and whittle
amazing things,
the unicorn had lost his words
ability to paint wievs with fusible colours and verses
He had so huge, rich inner world
but he had lost his words and colours

A fairie, longing to mountain high
could write tales and poems
but she wanted to paint and talk
paint with clever words pain out her soul
talk her thoughts out of mind
explode toughts and whispers
from her soul, express the inner world
she had lost her colours and speech
skill to paint words and talk

Maybe ugly Elfie from world of harshness
had wounded them both
used that magic wand and oath
and made all beauty to disappear
separate skill to love and trust
left was only suspicious toughts
and twisted minds
so scared, twisted minds
souls so hurt and wounded
Could anything in earth
reunite those worlds of Unicorn and Fairie

Swan, swan so white and huge
flied upon, through the sky
singing final consert of her life
sanging song so clear and flutie
above mountains and seas
letting her music carry away
all pain, wounds of broken souls
breaking curse of ugly elfie
making the sun shine and sky so blue
clouds like white ships
sailing through the earth and space
carried worries far and fast
leaving beauty to those who can see..

Now has unicorn reborn as knight
and fairie is able to talk
could they now meet and dance,
dance together wild and free
join trebak of wounded souls
let music heal hearts and toughts
get bubling champange to their nose
smoke sweet will cleance wounds and deeds
Colours and speech will reach their ears
make those two souls unite as one.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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