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In a forest clearing,
With flowers and sun,
Stands a unicorn,
Ready to run.

She is white as snow,
With a horn and wings,
So beautiful and sweet,
And other fairytale things.

She nibbles the flowers,
And eats some grass,
Her ears picks up,
As some one pass.

The man is stunned,
A real unicorn!
It must be a trick,
It is fake wings and horn.

But no, he is wrong,
This one is real,
It could give him a scar,
Which would never heal.

It runs towards him,
Ready to sting,
But the man is lucky,
And avoids the thing.

He runs away,
As fast as he can,
The unicorn knows,
It must fear the man.

Cause he has guns,
And fire and friends,
The unicorn wont,
Let her life end.

She spread out her wings,
And calls for her foal,
Another unicorn,
But black as coal.

They leave together,
As mother and child,
To find their next,
Dreamlike field.

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very sweet.................well done Anna. x