Unified Objections

Quietly proceeding are fresh steps taken.
And done to go unannounced,
By the ones determined to reach success.
Quietly these efforts are seldom prevented,
When a progress to discuss...
Isn't done,
Amongst those who display their disgust.
And often ends up in an argument...
Between those giving unsolicited opinions and beliefs,
That anyone or 'whomever' seeking a success to achieve...
First requires a permission from them to get.
These conquest to witness can be observed,
In many uniinformed environments.

'Did you hear who had already achieved success,
And we heard not one thing about it?
To do it behind our backs as we laughed at the thought,
Of anyone doing anything like that so outrageously courageous'

~Who had the gall, the nerve 'and' audacity to do that? ~

'Someone we thought we knew.
But tricked 'us' to make US look like fools.'

~No? Not...~


~NO? ~


And so it goes.
The petty who choose to refuse to believe,
Continue to do their petty deeds upon which to feed...
A stagnating existence limited in benefits.
But entitled to them to get AND receive,
Is their never unending perception.

You know what this means? ~

'No. What? '

~We have to prepare with the others to protest.
No one around us is permitted to be successful,
Without our 'unified' objections.
This should send a message to anyone else,
Attempting to make such ridiculous efforts.~

'Does that mean we will have to block the streets, again?
To 'perform' in front of City Hall? '

~I don't believe I'm hearing you ask that stupid question.
Of course it does, idiot.
We have all agreed too many times before,
That success, progress, initiative and motivation...
Invites ambition and dignity to identify with pride.
Are any of us competent to handle that?
I think not.
And our children are disobedient to us enough as it is.
We must keep 'our' standards we have implemented,
Surviving as long as possible.
Once out of our control who knows what the furture holds.


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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