Unified Pursuits

Now that many are awakening,
To see how reality connects and works.
They are wishing to contact those dismissed,
For not being this or that.
And being considered in that past,
As those without identity with a calling them jerks.
And their activities had no connection,
To those living in distressed communities!
Or not being 'real' when efforts they made,
Were ignorantly in need of attack as then perceived.

Times have a way of changing all that!

Now that eyes have been opened wide,
Those caught up in their 'new' discovered truths...
Are curious why those dismissed,
Have no interest in participating in their 'unified' pursuits.
Or retracing...
Those dismissed steps,
They have long ago left!
With a 'Best Wishes' on their peaceful breaths.
And showing not a sign or a hint of regret.
In fact, there is a happiness revealed they reflect.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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