Uniformed Determination

A baton held high...
With a pride one strides,
But reluctant to pass on.
Loses an influence that could cement,
Long lasting sentiments with purpose and identity.

If a significance is recognized with the pride one strides,
With a leadership that includes discipline inflicted.
And a reason to keep one's dignity persisted.
From thoughtlessly being pushed aside...
To accomodate misunderstandings instead of comprehension.
Is a clue delivered that is more than hinted!
And can not be denied as sighted!

Has to be understood and disgested.
Without the ignorance of protest.

And not left to leave anyone perceiving,
There is no depth with the image given.
Or a process involved without meaning...
In this intentional parade free of schemes.

A precision is noticed and captures...
Much more than the attracting of attention.
A uniformed determination is present!
And enraptures spectators,
Awed and shocked.
There is nothing for them to joke about or mock.
With jaws dropped they are forced to watch.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

what a wonderful piece, i enjoyed reading it!
very good i like this alot