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JC Josefine Carrion (December 25 / New York)


let go,
feel free to be

the one who dares to dream,
the one who lives to love,
the one who won’t because
you’re afraid to try
enjoy the moment.

but why,
why live in misery
to just worry about the whats?
what’s our world but
ime spent lurking in the shadows
chasing emptiness,
the emptiness tfelt only when you finally realize
you are alone.

but when,
when will it be time for your dreams,
dreams that make you whole
whole to let go and smile, laugh
the way you have always wanted to,

but where,
where will you go to live,
to live as you know you could;
could it be all in vain
the reason we feel such pain,
pain to desire,
pain to love,
pain to know the reality of what we want is

how did we get here,
how did we trail off,
we stopped breathing

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