Unintended Consequences

A country typically raises a trade barrier to protect its own
So that they can compete more, not against foreigners,
but those at home.
While an airport carbon tax serves nothing like this
For it is simply a tax, no more or less.

Now landing fees seem justified if you think about it
Cause they're about use of the airport as managers see fit.
But a carbon tax gives neither relief nor pain
As it is there for one purpose only, revenue to gain.

Will the air be cleaner with the imposition of tax?
Hardly, for the objective has nothing about it in fact.
So with travel to Europe lagging behind
Because, the economy's in a bind,
Exemptions and exceptions are what all have in mind.

As airplanes spew forth pollution in greater amounts
The Tax Mongers see only the balance sheet, as what counts.
Would not the better solution for all -
Reduce travel is the call?

And knowing it or not, that is exactly what they are doing!

by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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