Unintended Mistakes

Mistakes are to be accepted gracefully
Rectify we're to crave and forgive mercifully
They are the stepping stones to success
To find fast solution all should have access.

Simple mistakes turn into grave due to ego
Forgive and forget-generous one should forego
On others some think of maximizing punishment
But most of them have a positive treatment.

Solutions can easily be found if searched
More mistakes can often be found if tortured
Timely - decision and proper communication
Can help, all, through positive interaction.

If forgiven mercifully, it can teach a lesson
Forgiven magnificently, burdens can lessen
We are not born on earth to judge anyone
But spread the fragrance of peace to everyone

by Stanislaus Ayyadurai

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Comments (2)

A poem with an important life lesson. Thanks Stanislaus Peace
Good and positive thoughts and opinions in the poem and in the larger context of self motivation this poem stands as good.