Some have stayed rough with edges tough,
And stuck they are with a doing uninterrupted...
To issues in their minds they find time to visit,
On a regular basis to do repeatedly.
Without a keeping up with steps kept,
That sweeps away old changes...
To replace with fresh ones to embrace and make.

The signs of the times are rapidly changing everyday.

Many have suffered through near death experiences,
To be quarantined with dieases to live through and see...
Life as a blessing with unlimited possibilities.
With no wishes to reminisce those treasures from them gone.
And accept the pain of loved ones from them,
Who have passed on to other plateaus unseen to be revealed.
Life to live has its transitions and transformations that exists.

And still with hints and clues a blooming many refuse to do.
And still with hints and clues many refuse to budge,
From a steadfast ignorance accepted.
To disrespect the process.

And still with hints and clues many believe they can choose,
To remain unaffected by a changing of times.
Times that are clearly exposing them to have disturbed minds.

And still with hints and clues they have chosen to ruin themselves.
And still they do this,
With hints and clues...
Uninterrupted they continue to self inflict their own confusion!
Uninterrupted yet disturb they choose to have their minds confined,
Entwined...and, self destructive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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it is truth that is unaffected by changing times, thanks. good one.