HZH ( / California)


Uninvited and unasked,
I entered in an open door.
I look around then looked some more.
Wandering, searching
What was I looking for?

Uninvited and unasked
I entered into
Your personal space.
What drew me there
I didn't know.
But the more I looked
The more I saw.
The more I saw
The more I felt.
The more I felt
The more I wanted
And suddenly you were no more.
No more to see.
No more to feel.
And just as quick
The sense of loss
became a pain unending.
Then at once, I knew
That something surprizing and special grew.
Where you were is empty now
But in that space is my Heart
And in my Heart
It's full of Love.
So surprising was this find
I knew not what best to do.
I kept communication
While I stumbled through this journey
Till finally I couldn't move.
I had to tell you
So I could go forward.
'Course sitting here
Alone with my stupid, awesome, amazing feelings
Was too much to go alone.
So sharing them was all
I could think to do.
Knowing that you wouldn't
See how sincerely
I am being.
Yet losing you without your
Knowing my Love
Was hard enough,
But losing you entirely is too much.

I will heal. I will grow.
A lump, a scar
That let's me know
That in my Heart
There's a place,
A special place
Just for you.
I hope one day to see you again.
To see your smile
And feel your presence.
For without that hope
I must go on
and on alone
Because there's no one else to know.

(4.9.7 Inner Thoughts (PFD))

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