It is a branch of flowers
Or some celestial world of comforts,
I see,
A couple of birds,
Leaping in love,
Caresses beaks with the tongues.
It is some heavenly world,
Or the land of unions,
I see,
A little piece of cloud has hidden itself
Into another cloud,
Just as a gorgeous damsel wraps herself
With a shawl, to avoid some unacquainted eyes.
These both sights of the union,
Dwell in my eyes,
And behind them,
In many secret sights
This closeness changes into fondles over the bodies.
All of sudden in songs of the wind,
The breeze with delicacies
Speckled intoxicating fragrance of the flowers,
And on the burning shawl of the earth,
The sky descended the bliss of moist.
I feel
That beyond the branch of flowers
Across the sky, in the clouds,
Mysteries of the body reveal,
And the sins
Are being washed with the sensual flavour.

Written by Ronaq Hayyat
Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

by Muhammad Shanazar

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