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The latest trends,
they're a flash in the pan.
But they can change an appearance,
yes they can.

What's in the future?
Nobody knows.
It's the 'cool' people,
It's what they chose.

You wanna be flashy?
You wanna be cool?
I'll tell ya now,
You'd be a fool.

Cuz when you're cool,
It only lasts in school.
But afterhours,
life sours.

Cuz we're unique,
Ya see.
Be what you wanna be!

I think I'm fun,
I think I'm good.
I'm being the person
I think I should.

There's only one you,
no less, no more.
You have to be you,
that's for sure.


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Everyone is unique...and all have our own little ways...good poem Life would be so boring if we were all the same...10