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Unique Orchid
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Unique Orchid

Poem By chanda panda

Giving rise to beauty
One of a kind
First beginnings
Of unusual and of harshness
Mother nature can be cruel some times
Lessons to be learned

Initial Sprouts
Despite Mother Nature’s variability
In giving love and nurture
Sometimes too little
Sometimes too much
The little flower persists
Resilience unknown to many
No pity for this young bud
Only pride and respect
For the Strength of One in a Million

Young Flower
Mother Nature still can be cruel
Harsh winds and Harsh rain
Try to beat the young flower down
Her resistance and her persistence from younger days carries her through
Beauty and Sweetness Stemming from the Knowledge of the Cycle
Trusting in the Best,
Despite the Rain’s beatings
She knows that the Hardest Rains
Don’t Last Forever

Unique Flower
Beautifully Grown
Extraordinary Sweetness
Uniquely Innocent
And Trusting
Despite the Mother’s
Variability of Love and Cruel Life Cycles
Her Gorgeous Colors Reflect
A One of a Kind

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