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MS (August 1979 / )


Poem By Michael Saurer

United via Internet
Never met her- face to face
Still I could place a bet
That I could write her praise

She has beautiful hair
And clever eyes
That’s a wondrous pair
Not a photo’s lies

United by a common heart
Admitting this seems pretty hard
Sometimes it so strangely feels
As if she knew my stupid deals

Not always the man I like to be
I’m still a guy who likes to see
Questions solved and answers given
By a ready mind and pure will driven

United by some strongs and weaks
We may assume the others will
To step ahead and pay the bill
For his own life and certain peaks

It feels so strange
To write down these words
Flying round my head like birds
bounded just by heaven’s range

United by a state of mind
We’re not stupid and not blind
We’re hard and sometimes kind
But always there to tell our mind

So I hope we’ll meet some day
Before the earth’s last decay
together for a pretty stay
in heaven for a perfect day

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what a 'lovely' poem. >scratches head<