United We Stand

United we stand,
Together we fall,
The is no loss or retread,
Only death or victory.

But what does that victory bring to us,
One step closer to dying somewhere else,
Our lives are at the disposal of the few,
Do they fight? I think not.

We are the elite,
Better then the rest,
Trained to the peak of exhaustion and fitness,
And yet we still die like men.

Around us, high walls, buildings and guns,
All here to serve one mans greed,
Greed that will lead to his demise,
But will we follow?

Beaten back, killed, mugged and shot,
And yet we still fight on,
There must be a reason for this madness,
If only it was that simple.

United we stand,
Together we die,
We give our lives as a constant reminder,
War is horrid, people die don’t forget it.

by Thomas Vaudin

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