Poem By Peter Generazio

Why do they hate us? What have we really done?
For a country, I thought was so giving, why are we under the gun?
I was always taught that we should help one another,
no matter what the circumstances are.
But to Hijack our planes and crash them into buildings, thats taking things a bit too far.
I ask you Lord to bless those people, who lost their lives, especially those people who helped save others.
And to the New York fireman who I call my brothers.
For those who had lost there loved ones,
a special prayer goes out to you.
Whenever I reflect back at that horrific day,
it makes me cringe and I feel blue.
We are a great country America,
the only place that I would rather be.
We have something special through all this fear,
and thats the gift of unity.

Peter Generazio September 11th

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