(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unity That Is Down To Earth

The ignorant,
Are not historically known...
To be supportive of their own kind!
But they will periodically,
Call for unity...
In support of accusing one another,
For making attempts...
To do something with their lives.

For the small minded,
This 'trip' is considered 'uppity'.

And leaves many a victim despised,
By this self critique...
As trying to be better than the others.
And forgetting where they came from...
When they were significantly shunned,
For doing their best to get out of the nesting...
Of a crab barrel full of defeaters.

Knowing who and where they were,
Needed little confirmation!
Although filled with ambition and aspiration...
Energizing support,
Is a self motivating thing!
A sacrifice only determination brings.

Suppressing expectations of progress,
Is a given and...done!
With the best of unified intentions.
To prevent 'delusions' of success!

And yet...
Those professing this ugly evilness,
Will dress to impress.
These are crab barrel dwellers!
People of a 'visualized togetherness'
Coming to celebrate express pretentions.

While proclaiming a displeasure,
For being in the presence of those
Who are not 'Down-to-Earth' like they are!
And with a lack of a collective identity.
That keeps them screaming for more police protection!
In a unity they appear...
Obviously in need of complete psychotic diagnosis.
And mental repair!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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