Evening Note 51

Oh my sweet Angel dove
please hear my call,
in a week I'll be home
alone for two weeks,
please come and visit me,
keep this man who loves you
more than anything company.
Call me please and we'll work
the details sweet one I hold so dear.
I love you deeply and
will go any lengths to save
everything that we have.
Please get ahold of me on this eve
and let us find the ways that we need,
I love you so very much and
would love for you to
come be with me for those two
long lonely weeks.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (5)

oof bot lolololololololololololl
Beautiful poem with universe's mystical appearance which is made into a good poem for read and entertain. I take the poem in that sense and good feeling.
Brilliant jo b Udiah well composed resister to line of force the basic keys of our electrical and magnetic world And i think this got the relation with our life I hope not sure after all a poem that gives many thank you
Brilliant, Udiah! Compliments to a fellow scientific poet!