Sell Not, O, Bombayan Theatre Men, The Snake-Charmers' Music!

Snake-charmer, play you the wooden 'been' instrument
In the forest deep and dark,
Playing the music of your rhyhtm
And sadhna.

You playing and playing and the music so haunting
That the cobras, grey, blackly and whitish
Start hissing around
After hearing the music of the East,
The music of Asia, I mean India.

But it pains me to see that catch you so tactfully
With the bamboo basket to put into
And making it smell a root
So that the anger can lessen a bit

And earn they the Bombaywallahs, the Bombayan film-makers
Falsely imitating the snake-charmer's music
And giving not anything else to them.

Your risk, none can take to, your playing with the kaal,
The doom
As a bite can be so fatal,
But they collecting your money bundles
And you poorer and poorer,
What you had been in the past!

by Bijay Kant Dubey

Comments (4)

Beautiful poem with universe's mystical appearance which is made into a good poem for read and entertain. I take the poem in that sense and good feeling.
Brilliant jo b Udiah well composed resister to line of force the basic keys of our electrical and magnetic world And i think this got the relation with our life I hope not sure after all a poem that gives many thank you
Brilliant, Udiah! Compliments to a fellow scientific poet!