DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Universal Soul

I remember now a sky of aggressive vibrations,
Bleeding red rushes of madness upon the horizon.
Above the town a heavy haze hangs below the clouds
Tainted are the colours of the rainbows glow.
Painted are pictures of faceless crowds.

I’m awaiting the surge, knowing not what will come of
The experience, the clouds outside foretell a pleasant
Eve of awakening, Inside I’m shaking, knowing that soon
All will be lost below the waning moon.

A collection of musical arrangements revolve around my form
I wish to pick the strings of steel above the hollow but know
That first I must swallow the pain of removing myself from such
A wallowing refrain. Golden glows of summers promise
Kiss the movements of the sky, a face within the cotton, she
Has hair of shoulder length, she glows, oh how magnificently
She glows surrounded by shades of expanse.

A shimmering dance of unspoken shadows feeds the sky still bleeding,
Upon the horizon a grey silhouette is seen, no longer do fields
And rolling hills of green posses this valley in their spirit,
They have been cast down, this town, built upon a bellowing
Industry is guilty of nothing less than smoking a perfect sky to
Some tainted yellow, denying the youth a sky they will never know.

Paint me a picture of this land how you would understand
It without the torturing hand of man and his creation.
Upon the Surface of Our Mother they spread as disease, turning
The most beautiful of scenes so easily into a profit of destruction.

Never before have I seen the world with such clarity
Everything sharp, everything crisp,
This feeling is a lens upon reality
I see the same as the next man but perceive its proportions differently

I believe in the universal soul
I believe in an integrated whole
As above so below
So the world should rightly know

Feed the night
Feed the light

Gargantuan obscurities pass by my window coated
In a lilac tone, upon the horizon the sun is ending his course
For the day, upon his way his radiance shines upon
In various angles towards the blood end of emotions spectrum.
Small wisps drift on by; some would have you believe that where you go when you die
But I believe that we return to the one, as atoms into the earth, as souls into the
Universal soul. Listen to your heart yet never ignore reason when survival
Is at hand. This age scares me so in its blind faith or secular atheism, can
We not have faith in truth and truth yes truth alone, is it not upon the basis
Of truth, trust and unison that we build our homes and our circles of family and friends?
I believe that this life is an opportunity to mix with souls and learn for that
Is what the soul doth yearn for, a truth, an unquestionable truth that everything
Is as real as his dreams. Nothing is as it seems and omens beckon throughout
The day, and just as even the mightiest Oak knows not to bend against the wind
Sometimes it is wise to be passive to the rhythms of Life’s ever present river flowing.

Is it not our time to rise as the sun is near to setting?
Does it come as a surprise that you can not remember to forget?

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