JR (August 1st / USA)


Our lives will always be unknown.
We can try to show them any way, but no matter what
we are all unknown.
We only know what is in our minds.
One person's blue could be another person's red.
We all will never know because thats just how we grew up.
Life is weird like that sometimes.
Okay, alot of the time.
Life is tough, but one way or another, we all have to live through it.
If we give up then what does that make us?
strong people?
everyone has different opinions I guess,
and I have mine.
Why do people take their lives?
I can never get to understanding that.
There is always someone in the world that is worse off than you, no matter who you may be.
Some its just the emotional part of them,
others its more physical.
I dont understand why some of us are weak enough to give up the fight to survive.
Why do people not want to grow up and prove that their life right now CAN and WILL get better.
Everyone decides that their life is a complete mess and then they hurt themselves for it.
What are you gonna think when your looking back on the scars over your wrist, or your looking down from heaven going 'oh my gosh, I never knew they would hurt with me gone.'
People never take a look at what they have before it's gone.
Some people are taking their lives every day because they think nothing will ever change.
We all need to show that its possible.
A boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you, so what? if they needed it that bad its their fault, you shouldn't have to suffer from that.
Parents are abusive or they just dont care? SO WHAT? prove them wrong. prove to them you are going to grow up to be something worth way more than they could ever imagine, dont screw yourself up even more with drugs. its not rebelling, its called disbelief. Well guess what, its not worth it. it all gets worse from there, drugs aren't just gonna magically make your parents care, in fact they would probably care less. Prove to yourself that you are a better person than any of them could ever be. If their abusive and your to the point of taking your own life instead of getting them arrested for their crime, then whose fault is that? obviously, not theirs.
Bad days ALWAYS happen. thats how life goes, thats the way it is. We can't change it, its just the way things are.
There is always something good that comes out of everything bad, even if we dont see it right away. look further down and maybe you'll see whats been there all along.

by Jess Robertson

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