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Poem By Leah Wells

I here year voice echoing down the bare walls.
I can tell that you're near, with a smile on your face.
I peek around the corner shyly at you and stare.
Just awaiting for that day I receive your embrace.

I press back against the wall as flatly as I can & close my eyes tight.
I'm nervous now, I can hear your voice & feel your presance getting closer yet.
I sigh a deep sigh, as I come back to reality & open my eyes.
You're only a couple steps away, I must keep calm & I must not fret.

I can smell your bitter sweet cologne, the kind that makes me shiver with glee.
I smile to myself and start to fall into a fantasy-like dream.
I can't now, you're just barely around the corner.
So close I can almost hear you breathe.

You walk around the corner, with your friends & still deep in conversation.
Wait.. who's that you have your arm around and who's head is on your shoulder?
Wow.. she's the fourth one this week, and I'm not even one of them.
I see her reach up and give you a kiss, I think I've just been hit with a steel boulder.

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