IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Unknown Author

I dip my pen in vitriol
to pen the letters which I write.
To highlight sin my only goal
It’s my belief I have the right.

An aging spinster old and bent
I always walked the narrow path
remaining pure and innocent.
Frustration now fuels my wrath.

Behind lace curtains I can see
much more than people think I can.
I keep my watch vigilantly.
I know the movements of each man.

Not only men but women too
as they conduct sordid affairs
and I will write to those who do.
To let them know somebody dares

Inform them that their secrets known.
How they transgress morality
a task I undertake alone.
My quill is sharp and lacks pity.

I scourge the sinners with my pen
because I have no other course.
Perhaps they will not sin again
if I can fill them with remorse.

It is my duty I must try
to wean them from their sinful ways
I know they fear publicity
to be exposed to public gaze.

Such is the power I now wield.
my only tool my trusty pen.
When guilty secrets are revealed,
they fear that I will strike again.

Nothing escapes my eagle eye.
Facts are recorded faithfully.
I have strict rules which I apply
I take my duty seriously.

I lacked the opportunity
I never had the chance to stray.
Perhaps a tinge of jealousy
has made me what I am today.

But Oh the pleasure that I gain
is in some way a recompense
for years of loneliness and pain.
Which I endured with forebearance

I wreak my revenge secretly.
Nobody will suspect that it is me
exposing the hypocrisy
of modern day society.


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Another delightful poem Ivor! Very capturing, wonderfully expressed! *10plus*! Best regards, Friend Thad