Poem Hunter
(9 November 1928 – 4 October 1974 / Newton, Massachusetts)


In the wispy glow of dusk
he came

mazing through years of husk
memory groped his name.

Then I remembered.

Though drew us apart fate
once we were very close

inseparable classmate!

Seemed so empty
even an hour without him
more together more the happy
we bonded too in dream.

Shared we two
same liking and taste
loved to do
living without the rest.

I have come to close a deal
in his eyes was sadness spread
hope you remember still
the promise we made.

I remembered.

when we last met
he said

let's seal this with trust
must come to meet his heart's pal
the one departing first.

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Comments (2)

What kind of rated this poem low? This is a beautifully tragic poem. I read it first as a teenager and felt it captures the very real wonder of looking at your newborn, and the pain of having to give her up, and the unfairness of the mess men's carelessness make of women's lives.
This poem is actually very excellent. The mother is expressing the shame she is supposed to feel being on her own while being pregnant. However, she also expresses the wonder and delight and amazement a woman feels when she actually delivers that child. The only shame is that she felt any shame at all for being awed and feeling diminished that someone missed out on a miraculous occurrence.