HZH ( / California)

Unknown Land

Yes, I had some serious issues.
It was all part of the journey.
A step toward a new unknown land,
With trails hard to climb.
And rest was needed
But exhilaration out weighed exhaustion
For the journey offered so much to see.
And to see and to feel
All that was along the way
Was oh, so, exciting to experience.
And the feelings of joy and despair
Were like doors that opened into castle rooms
With mountain views and beyond,
The sunbright ocean sparkles in glorious delight
And my breath was taken from me...
Yet, I lived.
Despite the glories of higher elevations
And the mysteries of deep and dark caverns,
I sailed! I flew!
I fell and I grew!
Yes, I had some serious issues.
They were all a part of the journey
That took me where I never knew
That there was so much
I had yet to do.

(4.13.7/Inner Thoughts (PFD))

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