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Unknown Love
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Unknown Love

How long have I loved you?
Let me count the days.
How do I love you?
Let me count the ways.
The days that I have loved you,
Grow into infinity.
The ways that I love you
Are as sacred as the Trinity.
I long for you to listen
To all I have to say;
However, you never listen,
You never have anyway.
I look upon your window,
I gaze upon your door;
But you have never seen me,
And see me now no more.
I call to you by day,
I dream of you at night
You fight away my nightmares
And fend off all my frights.
But you don't know of this,
Of all my love-filled plights.
I long for you notice
How much I really do care;
How I long for you to see me,
And the pain I have to bear.
My heart skips beats when you call,
I stop breathing when you stare down the hall.
But not at me do you stare
You look right past me
As if I were air.
One day you will notice me;
But by then it will be too late.
I'd have grown tired of waiting for you
You would have sealed your fate.
But for now I will dream
Wishing to be seen,
Seen by the one I love.

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