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Unknown, Untouched, Unseen
MS (1993 / )

Unknown, Untouched, Unseen

Your sparkling blue eyes, almost like the sky above,
the sky lacking the affection
shown by these amazing features.
Your voice is sensational, ringing constantly I my ears,
lingering only to remind me of your kind and gentle ways.
Your smile is warm, showing love to all things seen.
Your presence is what I long for every minute of the day.
But to my disappointment,
I can only dream of the time that we could be together.
I'd love to run my fingers through your silky brown hair
that flows ever so gently free,
delicately framing your fragile face that beams with joy.

Your humor delights me, it will obtain my attention always.
You act with concern for all creatures
and long to portray a positive message to all people.
I see your face only in school,
but long to reach out and touch your tender heart.
My mind secures a picture of you so that we will never be apart.
Through all the storms and seasons, you are the only one.
Constant, always caring, bright, shinning as the sun.

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