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Poem By Tofur Damico

“All we can do is sit and wait”
Is what they said
They knew the answer
All along
They just didn’t want to tell us
Until the time came
I couldn’t stay and watch
I knew it was a matter of time
Before there was nothing left
To help fight
What she had fought for so long
I wanted to do everything
In my power
To make it better
Seeing her
Lying there
When she was always
The strongest one
When the news came
I turned away
And I asked God
“Why me? ”
I didn’t let the answer come to me
I let all the hurt flow instead
Like it was in my bloodstream
On a day to day basis
Shutting everyone out

As I sit alone in the dark
I can hear the voices
Taunting me
And telling me to
And destroy everything
In my path
I do everything they tell me
Thinking that it would mute the pain
For the time being
I always feel
A dark presence
Lingering for more hatred
As I feel I am slipping into the darkest time
I hear a voice that is strange,
But familiar at the same time
She tells me to trust her
And that she’s been watching me
I try to figure out who it is
And she says she loves me
I suddenly become overwhelmed
With mixed emotions
As one thought runs through my head
It’s her, from before
She tells me not to be this way
She tells me it’s not the way to go
I knew she was right
That she taught us better
That she taught us to be stronger
Than to give up
I start to see the other side
Finally seeing the light
On the other side of the tunnel
Slowly I turn my faith back to God
Believing that He was there for me
In my dark era
For once in my life
I understand why these things happen
And that God had always
And will always be there for me

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Comments (2)

My favorite one dear. For real true meaning. Great Imagery. this is poetry. this is beauty. Lylyanna
Beautiful work, Tofur. And completly true to the nature of God. Will you be writing more Christian poetry? Reading your other two works, it seems that you write your emotions. Let this be a start of a new chapter in your walk with God. -Your brother in Christ Andrew Philips