Unless A Man Is Born Again

Nicodemus knew that Jesus was a teacher, who had come from God,
For no one but He could perform miraculous signs he said with a nod.

Nicodemus himself, was a seeker of The Eternal Truth of Almighty God,
And believing in The Word, he was lead by Christ's staff not His rod.

He said unless a man is born again he can not see The Kingdom of God,
Instead of His Mercy they will receive His Justice through His Rod.

These things were much too lofty for the natural mind to comprehend,
Man can not see The Kingdom without The Spirit who Christ would send.

Again unless a man is born again he can not enter The Kingdom of God,
Instead he shall be judged on this earth, where his feet have trod.

For our present body is sinful corrupted flesh that can not enter in,
But your incorruptible body is prepared once you become born again.

Surely one cannot enter his mother's womb to be born a second time?
Nicodemus asked, as he didn't understand, this birth is to be Divine.

For Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit,
And The Spirit is like the wind that you can't see but you hear it.

The above is not from man, but was spoke by Jesus our Lord and God,
Yes, Jesus is The Christ forever and will be using His staff and rod.

You, like Nicodemus can be led by Christ's staff to The Truth of God,
Or continue in unbelief and face The King of Glory and His iron rod.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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