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Unlikely Journey
ML (14th June 1993 / Singapore)

Unlikely Journey

Poem By Mattheus Lee

I was pulled, from my house
out to dangerous liaisons.
Shoved into a carriage
whisked away.
Led on a mad ride through the streets,
twist and turn through the
air sick to my stomach.

But the carriage halts
right in front of another house.
I am left there, waiting -
try opening my mouth to speak
and the carriage dissolves.
I take a few steps -
try reaching for the door
but the house disappears.
The road is gone.

I pace the space,
the roads around are not equal.
Neither are the houses,
some tall or fat or bright
or cute.
I try to compare, but the
judgement is not present,
I cannot recognise anything.

Much time passes,
two months, a year, two years.
A building catches my eye.
I try to enter it.

The external some might consider
not as attractive, but
through the window I see
a bright light, past
the crumpled curtains
or the thin veils.

The interior is well kept,
neat but with a
hint of adventure.
I tread carefully around the room,
succeed for a moment, but
I trip. Everyone turns to look at me.

The eyes glaring, piercing
through my heart
enough to kill.

I quickly hide, running
into a dark corner to
crouch down,
become invisible.
And there I must stay,
but I stand up gingerly.
Tread with will and determination
and I find within the room,
yet another door.

A reflection of a door to a
house I see outside, a house
within a house. How unnatural.

This new door I open
and find yet another road behind,
less decorated than the
first that I opened.

I find yet another room
very like the first.
but in this room I got nothing.
I leave.

Yet another door awaits me,
but yet again yields nothing.
I get frustrated.
I try door after door
after door.

This time I trip over something in the
room again, falling
flat on my face.
Somehow less people notice,
I quickly try to fix the damage
to the floor from the fall.

Yet there’s a new door appearing,
cute in design, yet everyone is
avoiding it.
I try my step boldly.
I step inside this new room.

There’s a door here that leads to
the street. Locked.
I can leave this room -
the door of this house that
leads outside? Also locked.

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