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Unlock My Heart

You hold out your hand waiting.
I know what your waiting for.
This is special i take my time,
and place a key in your open palm.
It is plain and ordinary,
there is nothing extraordinary,
about this key to look upon.
It is the key to my heart.
I trust you with it enough,
not to misuse it, abuse it,
to open up my heart and tear it out.
To look in the safe,
my body.
But to use it to unlock my feelings.
To understand my deposition,
without whispering a word.
This key if used right,
can be used by me to unlock your heart.
Search within.
Seek the advise i want to hear.
The secrets i find will be taken,
and locked within the vault.
My heart.
I will use this key to seal our silence.
No one will know we have the key.
The biggest secret is how to use it.
No one else knows but us.
We cant loose it.
We can only use it.
You dont have to say a word.

by Jenna Johnson

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I love the last two verses... This is all about it, isn't it...